We would LOVE for you to get involved in what we are doing!

Come Volunteer with us at The Foster Care Closet!

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Host a Drive

Would your organization collect our most needed items: Diapers & Wipes, Socks, or Pajamas? send us an email for more information

Become a CASA

CASA’s are Court Appointed Special Advocates who advocate child in foster care as the courts determine what is best for him or her. As a CASA volunteer, you get to know the children and their families and gather information to report to the judge. You are the voice for the child in the courtroom! Find out more information here:

Become a Foster Parent

Please click here for more information on becoming a foster parent

WRAP-AROUND SUPPORT for foster families

The first lady of our state has a new initiative called “1 church, 1 family” The idea came from the realization that there are about 4,000 children in foster care in the state of Louisiana and there are about 4,000 churches in the state of Louisiana. If there was 1 family from each church who became certified, and if the entire church wrapped around that foster family, it would change the future of those children. Practical aid from the church community can be hugely helpful—and encouraging!—to foster and adoptive families. Consider household chores, yard work, grocery shopping, tutoring, delivering meals, babysitting,  and prayer. This type of support sharing your skills- Put your professional skills to use in showing love to adoptive and foster families and to foster youth—from haircuts to orthodontics to car repair. or Maybe you have a skill that you can teach a youth in foster care.

Other Volunteer opportunities  

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